When Do Yorkies Ears Stand Up


Yorkie ears typically stand up when they have fully developed ear cartilage and muscles, usually as they mature.

Factors Affecting Yorkie Ears

Wondering when your Yorkie’s ears will stand up? Let’s delve into the factors that influence this adorable breed’s ear position.

Ear Cartilage And Muscle Development

Cartilage and muscles play a crucial role in determining when a Yorkie’s ears will stand up. As these components mature, the ears gradually gain the strength and structure needed to stand upright.

Influence Of Genetics On Ear Position

Genetics also play a significant role in determining when and how a Yorkie’s ears will stand up. A Yorkie’s ear position can be influenced by the genes they inherit, impacting the timeframe in which their ears develop and stand erect.

When Do Yorkies Ears Stand Up

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Natural Development Of Yorkie Ears



Yorkies are known for their adorable floppy ears that eventually stand up as they grow. Understanding the natural development of Yorkie ears can help owners know what to expect as their furry friends mature.

Typical Ear Development Timeline

Yorkie ears go through a fascinating evolution before they reach their adult form. Here is a brief timeline of how their ears develop:

  • At birth: Yorkie puppies typically have floppy ears.
  • 3 – 4 weeks: Ears start to show signs of perkiness but may still be floppy.
  • 2 – 3 months: Ears begin to stand up, but some may still have a slight flop at the tips.
  • 4 – 6 months: Yorkie ears should be fully erect and standing straight.

Indications Of Adult Ear Position

Adult Yorkie ear position can vary depending on their breed standard and genetics. Here are some indications of where a Yorkie’s ears should be:

  1. Pointed Ears: Show dog Yorkies typically have sharply pointed ears.
  2. Floppy Ears: While most Yorkies’ ears stand up, some may have slightly floppy ears due to genetic variations.


Assisting Ear Development

Ear Taping Methods

Ear Training Techniques

When Do Yorkies Ears Stand Up

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Recognizing Yorkie Ear Characteristics

As Yorkies mature, their ears develop cartilage and muscles that help them stand up. Young dogs may have one ear up and one down as they have yet to fully develop these features. To train a Yorkie’s ears to stand up, some owners use tape or other techniques.

Interpreting Yorkie Ear Positions

Yorkie ears are known for their adorable and distinctive appearance. But when it comes to understanding the different positions of Yorkie ears, it can be a bit confusing. This section will help you interpret and make sense of the various ear positions you might notice in your furry companion.

Signs Of Ear Maturity

As Yorkies mature, their ears go through a fascinating transformation. While some puppies may start off with floppy or partially standing ears, it’s important to remember that this is completely normal. Just like humans, Yorkies undergo physical changes as they grow. Typically, by the age of three months, you may start to notice the cartilage and muscles in their ears becoming stronger. This development plays a crucial role in helping their ears stand upright. However, it is essential to note that every Yorkie is unique, and the timing of ear maturity may vary. One common occurrence among young Yorkies is the one-up, one-down appearance of their ears. This happens because their ear cartilage and muscle development are still in progress. Over time, as your Yorkie continues to grow, you’ll likely observe their ears standing up uniformly. It’s important to remain patient during this process, as the time it takes for a Yorkie’s ears to fully stand up varies from dog to dog. Some may exhibit fully erect ears by the age of six months, while others might take up to a year. In conclusion, understanding the different ear positions is essential for Yorkie owners. By interpreting their ear characteristics and recognizing the signs of ear maturity, you can rest assured that your furry friend’s ears are developing as they should. Remember, each Yorkie is unique, and their ears will stand up in their own time.

Managing Yorkie Ear Concerns

As Yorkies mature, their ear cartilage and muscles develop, causing their ears to stand up. However, it is not uncommon for young dogs to have one ear up and one ear down until their cartilage and muscles fully develop.


Addressing Floppy Ears

Yorkie ears not standing up may cause concern for pet owners. It’s essential to understand that the timing of ear standing can vary among Yorkies. Some Yorkie puppies’ ears stand up as early as 3 months, while others may take up to 6 months. If your Yorkie’s ears aren’t standing, don’t worry right away. It’s quite normal for Yorkie puppies to have floppy ears initially. In most cases, as the cartilage and muscles develop, the ears will eventually stand up on their own. However, if the ears still don’t stand up by 6 months, consult your vet to rule out any underlying issues.

Understanding Ear Color Changes

Yorkie ear color changes can be intriguing to observe. When Yorkie puppies are born, they typically have a black and tan coat that’s darker than an adult’s. As they mature, those with the double dilution gene (dd) will see the black areas lighten, transitioning through various shades until achieving the characteristic blue. This change in coat color also affects the ears, so it’s normal for Yorkie ears to evolve in color as the puppy grows.

Expert Insights And Testimonials



A key aspect of owning a Yorkshire Terrier is observing when their ears stand up. Let’s delve into the Expert Insights and Testimonials on this intriguing topic.

Breeder And Veterinarian Perspectives

According to breeders and veterinarians, Yorkies’ ears typically begin to stand up between 3 to 6 months of age. This process is influenced by genetic factors and the development of cartilage and muscles in the ears.

Experiences From Yorkie Owners

Countless Yorkie owners share their stories of eagerly awaiting the moment when their furry companions’ ears finally stand up. Each Yorkie has a unique timeline for this milestone, adding to the excitement of their growth journey.

In summary, the development of Yorkies’ ears is a fascinating process that showcases the individuality of each dog. Whether consulting with experts or swapping tales with fellow Yorkie enthusiasts, the anticipation of seeing those ears stand up is an exciting part of nurturing these beloved pets.

Community Discussions On Yorkie Ears

Community discussions on Yorkie ears often inquire about when their ears stand up. It’s a common concern that usually resolves as young dogs develop their ear cartilage and muscle, leading to their characteristic upright appearance. Enthusiasts share tips on training and monitoring their Yorkie’s ear development.

Insights From Online Forums

Community discussions on Yorkie ears provide various insights about when the ears of these adorable pups stand up. Online forums are filled with valuable information from Yorkie owners and breeders.

Common Queries And Responses

Yorkie enthusiasts often pose common questions regarding the timing of when Yorkie ears stand up. Here are some frequently asked questions along with responses:

  • Question: At what age do Yorkie puppies lift their ears?
  • Response: Yorkie puppies typically start lifting their ears around 3 to 4 months of age. However, the exact timing can vary from pup to pup.
  • Question: Do Yorkies’ ears point up as they get older?
  • Response: Show dog Yorkies are expected to have pointed ears as they mature. While some Yorkies may have floppy ears initially, they often start to stand up as they grow older.
When Do Yorkies Ears Stand Up

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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Train Yorkie Ears To Stand Up?

To train Yorkie ears to stand up, gently massage the base of the ears daily to improve muscle strength. Using dog ear supports or adhesive tape can also help train the ears to stand up properly. Be patient as this process may take time.

Why Does My Yorkie Have One Ear Up And One Down?

Yorkies may have one ear up and one down due to underdeveloped muscles and cartilage. Typically seen in young dogs before full ear development.

At What Age Do Yorkies Calm Down?

Yorkies typically calm down around 2 years of age as they mature. However, each dog is unique.

How Do You Tell What Color A Yorkie Puppy Will Be?

Yorkie puppies are born with a black and tan coat, but as they mature, the black areas start to lighten. If they carry the double dilution gene, the coat will transition to various shades until it achieves the characteristic blue color.


The timing of when Yorkie’s ears stand up can vary based on genetics, growth, and muscles. It’s normal for some puppies to have one ear up and one down during their development. Patience is key as their ears may gradually stand up as they mature.

Additionally, seek guidance from a veterinarian for any concerns about your Yorkie’s ear development.


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