When Do French Bulldogs Ears Stand Up

French Bulldogs’ ears stand up at around 4 to 5 months of age as they finish teething. It’s a natural process.

French Bulldogs, known for their adorable ears, typically see them stand up at around 4 to 5 months of age as they finish teething. The transition occurs due to changes in calcium levels, and it’s common to see some fluctuation before they stand fully erect.

Keep an eye on their progression, and consult a vet if you have concerns. This process is a unique part of a Frenchie’s growth and adds to their endearing appearance. Now, let’s explore more about the fascinating features and care for your beloved French Bulldog’s ears.

When Do French Bulldogs Ears Stand Up

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Reasons For Floppy Ears

French bulldogs typically have floppy ears when they are born, but as they grow and their teeth develop, their ears should gradually stand up. This is due to changes in calcium levels in their body. Don’t be concerned if their ears go up and down at different times—it’s a normal part of their development.

Genetics And Breeding

Genetics and breeding play a significant role in determining whether a French Bulldog’s ears stand up. Some lines breed for erect ears, while others for the traditional “bat ears.” It’s essential to understand the ear types prevalent in the dog’s lineage to predict the likelihood of erect ears.

Calcium Levels

Calcium levels influence the development of a Frenchie’s ears. During puppyhood, erratic calcium levels cause the ears to flop. As the calcium levels stabilize, the ears gradually stand up. It’s normal for the ears to fluctuate between erect and floppy during this phase.

Teething Phase

The teething phase marks a crucial time for ear development in French Bulldogs. As the puppy’s teeth grow, the ears should start to stand up. It’s common for the ears to change position frequently during this period as the jaw and skull undergo rapid growth, affecting the ear cartilage.

Development Of French Bulldog Ears

French Bulldog ears typically start to stand up when their teeth begin to grow, influenced by changing calcium levels in their body. It is normal for their ears to go up and down during this transition period.

From Birth To Adulthood

Factors Affecting Ear Development

Behavioral Cues

Ways To Encourage Ear Standing

Proper Nutrition

Your French Bulldog’s ear health can be influenced by their diet. Ensure they receive a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients to support ear cartilage development.

Ear Care Techniques

Regularly clean your Frenchie’s ears to prevent infections and maintain healthy cartilage. Consult a veterinarian for proper ear care methods tailored to your pet.

Physical Activities

Engage your French Bulldog in physical exercises that promote strong neck muscles. This can help support the natural standing of their ears.

Timeline For Ears Standing Up

French Bulldog ears typically start standing up around the age of 4 to 5 months. This is usually when they reach the end of their teething phase and their ears begin to gradually stand erect. It is normal for their ears to occasionally flop down during this time as their calcium levels fluctuate.

When Do French Bulldogs Ears Stand Up – Timeline for Ears Standing Up

French Bulldogs are known for their adorable floppy ears, but at what age do they typically stand up? The timeline for French Bulldog ears standing up can vary from one dog to another, but there are some typical age milestones to keep in mind.

Typical Age Milestones

  • Birth to 6 weeks: French Bulldog puppies are born with floppy ears. At this young age, their ears haven’t developed enough cartilage to stand up yet.
  • 6 to 8 weeks: Around this time, the ears may start to show some signs of standing up. You may notice that they are becoming less floppy and starting to perk up.
  • 8 to 12 weeks: By this age, most French Bulldog puppies’ ears should start to stand up more consistently. They may still have some moments where the ears droop down, but they should generally be standing up.
  • 12 weeks and beyond: At this point, the French Bulldog’s ears should be fully standing up. They may still have some occasional moments of floppy ears, but overall, they should be upright.

Signs Of Ear Changes

As a French Bulldog owner, you may be wondering how to tell if your puppy’s ears will stand up. Here are some signs to look out for:

  • Increased stiffness: As the puppy grows, you may notice that the ears feel stiffer and less pliable.
  • Perking up: The ears may start to perk up in response to sounds or stimuli, indicating that they are beginning to develop.
  • Consistency: Over time, you should see a gradual increase in the consistency of the ears standing up.

Consulting A Veterinarian

If you have concerns about your French Bulldog’s ears not standing up within the typical timeline, it’s always a good idea to consult with a veterinarian. They can assess your puppy’s ears and provide guidance based on their expertise.

Ear Taping And Other Methods

When Do French Bulldogs Ears Stand Up

French Bulldogs are renowned for their adorable bat-like ears. However, sometimes these ears may not stand up as expected, leading pet owners to explore methods like ear taping and other techniques to help in the process.

Appropriate Use Of Ear Taping

Ear taping is typically utilized when a French Bulldog’s ears have not naturally stood up by a certain age. The process involves gently taping the ears in an upright position to encourage proper cartilage growth.

Alternative Techniques

Aside from ear taping, there are alternative methods such as massaging the ears, offering appropriate chew toys, and ensuring a balanced diet rich in nutrients vital for ear development.

Potential Risks

While ear taping and other techniques can be effective, there are potential risks associated, such as skin irritation from adhesives and discomfort for the dog if the taping is too tight. It is crucial to monitor the process carefully and seek advice from a veterinarian.

When Do French Bulldogs Ears Stand Up

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Faqs About French Bulldog Ears

Want to know when French Bulldogs’ ears stand up? Typically, as teeth grow, ears gradually rise due to calcium level changes. Don’t worry if they fluctuate—the process is natural.

H3>Age Expectations French bulldog puppies are typically born with floppy ears. As they grow and develop, their ears will start to gradually stand up. This process usually begins around 4-6 months of age, but it can vary from one Frenchie to another. It’s important to keep in mind that not all Frenchies’ ears will stand up, and some may have ears that flop over permanently.

H3>Behavioral Indicators There are some behavioral indicators that can give you a hint as to whether your French bulldog’s ears will stand up. For example, if you notice that your Frenchie’s ears perk up in response to noise but quickly flop down afterward, it’s a sign that their ears may not stand up. On the other hand, if their ears can stick up straight during the first five months, especially prior to the end of the teething phase, then it’s likely that they will have straight and pointy ears for the rest of their life.

H3>Surgical Interventions In some cases, if a French bulldog’s ears don’t naturally stand up and the owner desires pointed ears, surgical interventions can be considered. A popular method is ear cropping, which involves surgically reshaping the ear cartilage to make it stand up permanently. However, it’s important to note that ear cropping is a controversial procedure and is illegal or restricted in many countries due to concerns over animal welfare. It’s always best to consult with a veterinarian before considering any invasive procedures for your Frenchie’s ears.

Community Experiences

French Bulldog puppies’ ears typically start to stand up when their teeth begin to grow, around the age of 4-6 months. However, it’s normal for their ears to go up and down during this process due to changes in calcium levels.

So, don’t worry if your Frenchie’s ears aren’t consistently erect yet!

Community Experiences — Affected Frenchie Owners Online Discussions Support and Advice Eager to have your French Bulldog’s ears standing up in that distinctive, upright position? Connecting with other Frenchie owners who have gone through similar experiences can provide valuable insights and support. ### Affected Frenchie Owners Many French Bulldog owners have shared their experiences with their furry friends’ ears not standing up. It’s not uncommon for new Frenchie owners to encounter this concern and feel unsure about what to do next. ### Online Discussions Joining online forums and groups dedicated to French Bulldog enthusiasts can offer a wealth of information and shared experiences. Reading through conversations and threads where others have detailed their journeys with their Frenchie’s ears can be enlightening. ### Support and Advice The online Frenchie community often provides support and advice, offering reassurance and helpful tips. Fellow Frenchie owners may suggest various techniques, including massages, specific diets, or exercises aimed at promoting ear standing. Their firsthand experiences can often provide comfort and guidance for those navigating this common Frenchie challenge.
When Do French Bulldogs Ears Stand Up

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are My French Bulldogs Ears Not Standing Up?

French bulldog ears may not stand up due to teething changes and fluctuating calcium levels. It’s normal for their ears to go up and down during growth.

Do Some French Bulldogs Have Floppy Ears?

Yes, some French Bulldogs may have floppy ears as puppies, but they should gradually stand up as they grow.

How Can I Tell If My Dog’s Ears Will Stand Up?

You can usually tell if a French Bulldog’s ears will stand up by the age of 5 months. If they can stick up straight during this teething phase, they will likely remain straight and pointy. This typically occurs as the dog’s teeth start to grow.

When Should You Tape French Bulldog Ears?

French Bulldog ears are usually taped when they’re floppy, to help them stand up. This is usually done between 4-6 months of age.


It is normal for French Bulldogs to have floppy ears at birth. As their teeth start to grow, their ears should gradually stand up. The fluctuating levels of calcium in their bodies can cause the ears to go up and down.

So, don’t worry if your Frenchie’s ears aren’t consistently upright. With time, they will eventually stay up. Remember, each dog is unique and may have their own timeline for ear development.

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